Garuda Amulet Keyring Charm Keychain Accessories For Women and Men Red

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Garuda Amulet Keyring Charm Keychain Accessories For Women and Men Red - B09KQR2FYW

  • . High Quality Key Chain : 1.96 inches diameter cable ring with a light tassel and a brass Garuda amulet

  • . Easy to Find: the amulet design, the color of the ring and tassel help you find keys effortlessly

  • . Easy to Use: Easy to add and remove from keys and bags

  • . Durable & Versatile: lightweight but tough, perfect for any key, purse, backpack, or travel bag

  • . Perfect Gift for Everyone: Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Valentine’s Day, Christmas

  • Material: stainless steel wire, with plastic cover, no chemical smell. Total length of cable key ring: 6.1 inches Ring diameter: 1.96 inches The thickness of the steel wire keychain ring: 2mm High Quality: The cable key ring is a strong and durable stainless-steel wire without breaking for long service life after many years of use. Conveniently replace the old fashion open keychain and try its versatility as much as possible. Widely Use: It is very suitable for hanging any keys such as house or car keys, luggage tags, keychains, or ID tag holders. Let the Garuda amulet keychain always be your side to keep and protect your precious things for you. How to use: Loosen and tighten the connector, you can easily add or delete items in the wire ring; the plastic-covered surface ensures a comfortable grip, and the color of the ring and the tassel make it easier to notice and organize. Cultural Information: The Garuda amulet is a symbol of Garuda Deity. He is the Lord of all birds and is the sacred vehicle of transportation for Pra Narai (Vishnu Deva). Garuda has great wisdom, and very powerful, but humble and respectful. He is an honorable deva and worthy of admiration. Garuda has power in protecting people from all evils, bad Karmic influences, and negative energies. The Garuda Deity is most well-known for promoting success, professional advancement, prosperity, and wealth. Please take great care and use with kind consideration of your precious Garuda amulet keychain